Naloxone - General Public

Where can I get naloxone?

You may be able to get naloxone at your local pharmacy, through your doctor or healthcare provider, or from your local health district.

Contact your pharmacy, healthcare provider, Local Health District, or Community Services Board.

Many local health districts and community services boards dispense naloxone at REVIVE! training events, during walk-in clinic hours and at other community events.

Do I need a prescription to get naloxone?

Yes, but naloxone is available under the State Health Commissioner's standing order. The standing order serves as a prescription written for the general public, rather than specifically for an individual.

It is up to each individual pharmacy to decide whether to dispense naloxone under the statewide standing order. Please contact your pharmacy before visiting.

Is naloxone free?

No. The out-of-pocket cost ranges from $70 to $150 for a two-dose kit. Some insurance plans may pay some portion of the cost, but coverage varies widely. Check with your Local Health District or Community Services Board to determine if you can get naloxone at no cost.

Naloxone - Community Partners

Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) share the common goal of increasing access to naloxone. 

Community services boards, local health departments, authorized comprehensive harm reduction sites, approved naloxone partners, law enforcement agencies, fire service organizations, licensed emergency medical services (EMS) agencies, and public schools are eligible to obtain naloxone at no-cost. For directions to obtain no-cost naloxone, see the forms below.

Fentanyl test strips are also available for local health departments and authorized comprehensive harm reduction sites. To order fentanyl test strips, please use the order link below. 

Naloxone and FTS Ordering Process for Eligible Community Partners

Step 1: Apply

Use this form to APPLY if it is the first time your organization has requested naloxone OR if your organization’s agreement with VDH has expired. Once all signatures are obtained and the agreement is executed, the entity is responsible for ensuring the agreement is updated before expiration date.

To modify an existing agreement, please contact

Step 2: Order

If you have previously ordered naloxone from VDH and your organization currently has a fully executed agreement with the Virginia Department of Health for provision of naloxone, please use this form to ORDER.

Step 3: Report

Please use this tool to REPORT required Naloxone Activity Tracker metrics (this includes the report for monthly naloxone dispensed/administered at your location and the annual naloxone inventory report).

Step 4: Return

Please use this form to RETURN expired, unused or damaged naloxone to the Virginia Department of Health. Sites are required to return expired, unused or damaged naloxone kits. 

Additional Resources

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