• Valuing children
  • Strengthening and empowering families
  • Taking responsibility for the integrity of our service to others
  • Growing, developing, and transforming how we work together to reflect best practices and diversity
  • Communicating to strengthen parent education networks
  • Promoting physical and emotional well being in ourselves and others


Families Forward Virginia (FFV) is the lead agency of VSPEC. FFV convenes and facilitates quarterly meetings, to include legislative updates and advocacy alerts, and records and disseminates minutes to ensure that the action agenda is carried out.


    1. Active Status Membership: attends 3 out of the 4 meetings annually
    2. General Membership: Attends 1 or 2 meetings a year and receives coalition meeting minutes and information.
    3. Membership committee will recruit members from all regions of the state.
    4. All members will be allowed full access to the business meetings, minutes, and related activities of VSPEC through business meeting conference calls, information posted on the website


  1. Professional Development: Provides professional training opportunities for all members throughout the year.
  2. Best Practice in Parent Education– Conducts a periodical review/update of best practices in parenting education programs.
  3. Membership – Maintains active memberships and recruits potential new member organizations. Recruitment to focus on ensuring a diverse and inclusive membership that represents all cities and all families across the state.


  • COMMITMENT – through actions taken as leaders, advocates, educators, collaborators and caregivers.
  • COMPASSION – and caring for all Virginia families, children and ourselves.
  • RESPECT AND INCLUSIVITY – for all people of all ages from diverse backgrounds. Our work is driven by a strength-based philosophy that promotes open-mindedness and hope.
  • INTEGRITY – in all of our actions, based upon honesty, high ethical standards and a commitment to practice based on research and ongoing evaluation.