Interested in Taking Better Care of Your Diabetes? Free Classes Can Help You Do It!

September 25, 2019

For More Information Contact

  • Shirley Miller, public health educator senior, LENOWISCO Health District, 276-328-1916


WISE, Va. – While getting diabetes under control may seem like a giant challenge, help is available to assist you or your loved one to achieve better control and better health. It’s not as hard as you might think. The LENOWISCO Health District can help. Each local health department will be offering diabetes workshops on how to better manage your diabetes. In October, a series of four different diabetes education classes will be offered free of charge to anyone who is interested in moving toward better control of their diabetes.

All classes are on Tuesdays from 1 to 3 p.m., and will be offered simultaneously at the Lee County Health Department, Scott County Health Department and Wise County Health Department.

The schedule is as follows:

  • October 1 – “The Basics of Diabetes and Medication” covers areas identified by the American Diabetes Association as essential to manage diabetes successfully. Topics include the definition of diabetes, diagnosis, types of diabetes, target glucose goals, oral and injection medications for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, treatment of low and high blood glucose levels, sick day guidelines, foot care and diabetes complications. It is a great general overview of diabetes management. As we learn more about diabetes, guidance and recommendations may change. This class is useful for those who are newly diagnosed as well as those who wish to learn more.
  • October 8 – “Nutrition Basics” provides up-to-date, helpful information that participants can easily use to plan heart healthy meals to improve their blood glucose control. Topics include nutrient effects on blood glucose, healthy food choices, serving sizes, reading food labels, use of non-nutritive sweeteners, use of alcohol, recommendations for fats and fiber and healthy snack choices.
  • October 15 – “Glucose Control, Activity, and Stress” focuses on blood glucose control. Topics include an in-depth discussion of insulin management, case studies to understand and interpret daily glucose patterns and a discussion of how eating, activity and medication can be adjusted to improve glucose. Then the focus shifts to physical activity. We explain the benefits of exercise for people with diabetes, including frequency, intensity, time and types of exercise. A certified wellness coach then gets everybody moving and feeling great with 20 minutes of stretching and using resistance bands. We finish up with a discussion of the benefits of stress management and practice some deep breathing and relaxation.
  • October 22 – “Eat Smart, Change Your Lifestyle” focuses on how to change what you eat. Topics include tips about shopping for healthy meals, portion sizes, easy ways to cut calories, avoiding common eating traps and tips on how to eat healthier. The class will end with a discussion of how to set personal goals for improving your lifestyle.

All classes will be taught by two Certified Diabetes Educators from the University of Virginia Diabetes Education and Management Program and a Certified Wellness Coach from the Harry L. Coomes Recreation Center in Abingdon, Virginia. The programs will be broadcast live from UVA using telehealth technology that allows the educators to speak directly with those attending the class and answer their individual questions.  Each location will have a facilitator on-hand to assist participants with questions and follow-up.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get reliable, proven, evidence-based information on how to better care for your diabetes and to get your questions answered. You will be glad you did. People who keep their blood glucose as close to normal as possible have fewer problems with their eyes, nerves and kidneys and fewer heart problems later in life.

To register for these free classes, call the Lee County Health Department at 276-346-2011, Scott County Health Department at 276-386-1312 or Wise County Health Department at 276-328-8000.

The programs are presented as a public service by the Virginia Center for Diabetes Professional Education at the University of Virginia, in partnership with the UVA Diabetes Education and Management Program, the UVA Office of Telemedicine, the Harry L. Coomes Recreation Center and the Virginia Department of Health.