Services and Enrollment

Patients with an expensive, chronic illness such as hemophilia sometimes need help getting essential health care services. The Virginia Bleeding Disorders Program (VBDP) was developed by families with hemophilia through the Virginia Department of Health to provide such assistance.

The VBDP supports:

  • Care coordination services by social workers and nurses in federally funded Comprehensive Bleeding Programs in Virginia
  • Health insurance consultation center for social workers to help patients in navigating the sometimes-confusing choices in obtaining and keeping health insurance.
  • Limited assistance with health insurance premium payment for eligible patients through a partnership with Accessia Health.
  • Limited assistance with factor concentrates from the Virginia Department of Health pharmacy as patients transition to other programs or to health insurance.

The VBDP also considers trends in the care of patients with inherited bleeding disorders in Virginia. The information given by patients when they enroll in the program helps us notice changes in hemophilia care such as:

  • Ability to get the care that they need
  • Access to care at home
  • Successful transition from pediatric to adult care
  • Access to comprehensive programs
  • Shifts in numbers of patients with hemophilia in Virginia
  • Effects of health insurance changes on health care

For further questions, please contact us at 804-827-3306 or toll-free at 1-866-228-2516.


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