What Do CMRC Volunteers Do?

A major part of the CMRC program involves assisting in public health events and exercises. CMRC volunteers serve in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

  • Educating the public on health topics and emergency preparedness
  • Providing basic first aid at community events
  • Supporting outbreak investigation teams
  • Facilitating CPR and/or first aid classes
  • Assessing blood pressures
  • Providing administrative support for CMRC operations or public health responses
  •  Marketing and recruiting
  • Administering immunizations
  • Providing medical and/or behavioral health support at city shelters and mass medication dispensing sites
  • Serving on mass medication and/or vaccination response teams to support
  • Providing direct patient care at hospitals or clinics during a large-scale emergency

CMRC volunteers serve in a variety of settings such as community events, health fairs, school events, exercises and drills, clinics, and more. We are very engaged in activities to improve public health and awareness in our community.

You do not need a medical license of any kind to be a part of the CMRC program. During the orientation process, prospective CMRC volunteers are trained to assist in a public health disaster or emergency. All CMRC volunteers are given assignments commensurate with their experience and professional licensure.