Virginia Vaccine Management and Allocation Exchange (VaxMaX) supports Providers, Health Districts, and Channels with vaccine management and distribution. It includes capabilities for ordering, allocation, redistribution, and data tracking.

Overall Summary of VaxMaX

Guidance for logging in and resetting password in VaxMaX. Please note that Access to system are limited to providers who have completed the COVID-19 enrollment process. Please note that you will not be emailed a prompt to login for the first time – you must navigate to the site and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you need access and are not on the CDC Agreement, please email and indicate the Vtrcks IDs of the provider sites you need access to
VaxMaX will aggregates data visibility into dosage data associated with our organizations. This includes administered, ordered, and redistributed dosage data. Reporting is views are based on user access roles and any questions should be addressed to

Provider Portal

Overview navigation of provider portal
Portal for individual providers to submit 1st<dose and 2nd dose requests during the defined ordering period. Request process is meant to supplement the communication and coordination that is currently ongoing between providers, local health departments, and the Virginia Department of Health allocation team.

Portal for providers to manage and open redistributions.

Health Districts and Channels

Portal to allow Health Districts and Channels to manage allocations to providers on a weekly basis
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