Acronym Appendix

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AcronymAcronym Meaning
ALAction level
ABCAssociation of Board Certification
ADEAssistant District Engineer
AMPAsset Management PLan
ARCAppalachian Regional Commission
ARCSAAmerican Rainwater Catchment Association
ASDWAAssociation of State Drinking Water Association
AWIAAmerica's Water Infrastructure Act
AWIA EPCRAAmerican Water Infrastructure Act Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know
AWOPArea-Wide Optimization Program
AWWAAmerican Water Works Association
BMPBest Management Practices
BSSPBacteriological Sampling Site Plan
BWABoil Water Advisory
CBFChesapeake Bay Foundation
CCCPCross Connection Control Plan
CCRConsumer Confidence Report
CDBGCommunity Development Block Grant
CERCLAComprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CIFACouncil of Infrastructure Financing Authorities
CIPCapital Improvement Plan
CMDPCompliance Monitoring Data Portal
COGCouncil of Governments
COMOCommunications Officer
CPEContinuing Professional Education
CPSMConstruction & Professional Services Manual
CUPSSCheck-up Program for Small Systems
CWDFCoalfield Water Development Fund
CWFCommunity Water Fluoridation
DBPDisinfection Byproducts
DCLSDivision of Consolidated Laboratory Services
DEQDepartment of Environmental Quality
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
DHSDepartment of Homeland Security
DITDaily Pressure Decay Test
DOCDepartment of Corrections
DPBDepartment of Planning and Budget
DPORDepartment of Professional and Occupational Regulation
DTSDivision of Technical Services
DWNSADrinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment
DWNIMSDrinking Water National Information Management System
DWSRFDrinking Water State Revolving Fund
EFCNEnvironmental Finance Center Network
EHSSEnvironmental Health Specialist Senior
EMMAElectronic Municipal Marketing Access
EOSASEnvironmental Services Shared Administrative Services
EPAU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ERPEmergency Response PLan
ESFEmergency Support Function
ESSWEstablishing a Successful and Sustainable Waterworks
ETTEnforcement Targeting Tool
FCAPFinancial and Construction Assistance Program
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FYFiscal Year
GECGlobal Environmental Consulting
GISGeographic Information System
GWRGroundwater Rule
HAA5haloacetic acids (five)
HABHarmful Algae Bloom
HUDHousing and Urban Development
IADWWImagine a day without water
IDAIndustrial Development Authority
IDWInstructor Development Workshop
ITInformation Technology
IUPIntended Use PLan
JAMJunior Joint Annual Meeting
LCR/LCRRLead and Copper Rule/Lead and Copper Rule Revisions
LHDLocal Health District
LHDLocal Health Department
LIDARLight Detection and Ranging
LSLLead Service Lines
LSLRLead Service Line Replacement (program)
LT2Long Term 2
LTR-LCRLong-Term Revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule
MCBMarine Corps Base
MCLMaximum Contaminant Level
mg/lMilligrams per liter (equivalent to parts per million)
MOAMemorandum of Agreement
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MPNMost Probable Numbers
NCRNational Capital Region
NNPDCNorthern Neck PLanning District Commission
NOAVNotice of Alleged Violation
NPDWRNational Primary Drinking Water Regulations
NTNCNon-transient non-community waterworks
NVERSNorthern Virginia Emergency Response System
OCOMOffice of the Commissioner
OCPEOffice of Continuing and Professional Education
ODWOffice of Drinking Water
OEHSOffice of Environmental Health Services
OEPOffice of Epidemiology
OFHSOffice of Family Health Services
OHROffice of Human Resources
OIMOffice of Information Management
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
OSIGOffice of the State Inspector General
PERPreliminary Engineer Report
PFASPer and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
PMCLPrimary Maximum Contaminant Level
POUPoint of Use
ppbParts per Billion (equivalent to micrograms per liter)
PPDPolicy & Program Director
PRVPressure Reducing Valve
PT LogPlans Tracking Log
PWSLPublic Water Supply Law, Code of Virginia §§ 32.1-167 through 32.1-176
PWSSPublic Water System Supervision
R&RReporting & Retrieval
RPZReduced Pressure Zone
RTCRRevised Total Coliform Rule
SBSShared Business Services
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SDWASafe Drinking Water Act, 42 U.S.C. § 300f et seq.
SDWISSafe Drinking Water Information System
SERCAPSoutheast Rural Community Assistance Program
SMESubject Matter Experts
SOCSynthetic Organic Compounds
SPESmall Projects Engineering
SSUPSeasonal Startup Plan
SWAPSource Water Assessment Program
SWIFTSafe Water Information Field Tool
SWIMSustainable Water Infrastructure Management
SWIMRSafe Water Information Management Reporting
SWPPSource Water Protection Program
SWTPSurface Water Treatment Plant
TCRTotal Coliform Rule
TMFTechnical, managerial and financial
TNCTransient Noncommunity Waterworks
TOCTotal Organic Carbon
TSCTechnical Support Center
TTHMtotal trhalomethanes
USDAUnited State Department of Agriculture
VA WARNVirginia Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network
VACVirginia Administrative Code
VCEVirginia Correctional Enterprises
VCU PMGVirginia Commonwealth University Performance Management Group
VCWAVirginia Carolina Water Authority
VDEMVirginia Department of Emergency Management
VDHVirginia Department of Health
VESTVirginia Emergency Support Team
VOPVirginia Optimization Program
VPDESVirginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
VPFPVirginia Pooled Financing Program
VRAVirginia Resources Authority
VRWAVirginia Rural Water Association
VWEAVirginia Water Environment Association
VWSRFVirginia Water Supply Revolving Fund
WACWaterworks Advisory Committee
WBOPWaterworks Business Operation Plan
WEPRural Utilities Service Water and Environmental Programs
WIFIAWater Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act
WIINWater Infrastructure Improvements of the Nation Act