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The Office of Drinking Water comprises 6 field offices. Click the image below to download a PDF.

Visit our Contact Us Web Map Application for more contacts for your location.  Click on your associated county or field office to find the necessary contact information related to your selection.

ODW Contact Information

During an incident such as a hurricane: The nearest field office might be closed after a widespread incident, such as a hurricane. Click here to see contact information for your Local Emergency Manager.

Waterworks After-Hours Emergency Call Center: 1-866-531-3068.  This number is for waterworks with an after-hour emergency or need to reach staff during non-business hours.  This is a 24hr Call Center that will take all pertinent information and contact appropriate staff.

Virginia Fusion Center - They can assist waterworks in preparing for, responding too, and recovering from a cybersecurity incident.

  • Request Support
    • VFC Mainline: (804)-674-2196,
    • Cyber Intelligence Unit:
Click the tab below to view ODW's Organization charts.  Alternatively, you may obtain an employees' phone number and emails address with at least their last name using the Commonwealth of Virginia State Employee Directory.