Grant Webinar Opportunity: Virginia Opioid Abatement Authority

The Virginia Opioid Abatement Authority (OAA) is hosting new grant cycle webinars.

  • 10/17, Tuesday – 10:30 am–noon

OAA Application Process for New Projects/Applicants

This webinar will focus on the process to apply for Individual Distribution, Gold Standard Incentive, and Cooperative Partnership awards.

This webinar is geared towards cities and counties that have not applied to the OAA before.

  • 10/18, Wednesday – 10:30 am–noon

OAA Amendment and Renewal Process and Changes to New Application Process

This webinar will focus on the process to amend and/or renew a current OAA award. It will also cover the things that have changed in the new application process from the previous cycle.

This webinar is geared toward cities and counties that submitted application in the previous application cycle.

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More information about the application period can be found here:

For questions regarding the applications, other forms and/or processes about VOAA, please contact <>