Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke

Wildfires have been very prevalent in the news recently with the historic wildfires in California this summer. While Virginia has a much lower risk of wildfires than states on the west coast, the Virginia Department of Forestry manages over 700 wildfires a year, mostly occurring in spring and fall. As the weather cools and the leaves start to fall, the risk of wildfire will increase. Most wildfires in Virginia are started by intentional fires that get out of control, so be cautious when burning leaves and brush or setting a campfire, and follow local burn regulations. 

If you live in a wooded area, you should make a plan in case a wildfire happens nearby. You can take steps now to reduce the risk of your home being damaged, and planning ahead will help you be ready to leave quickly if your home is threatened. Plan with your family members how to keep together or contact each other if you have to evacuate and are separated. If a wildfire is burning near your home, follow the directions of local authorities if an evacuation is ordered.

While people’s homes are only rarely at risk to wildfire in Virginia, a wildfire can affect many more people due to air pollution from smoke. Smoke exposure puts people at risk for respiratory problems and has even been associated with a higher risk of heart attack. The CDC has information on how to protect yourself from wildfire smoke. The EPA has a short video showing how to make a clean room indoors by recirculating and filtering indoor air to remove smoke particles, providing clean air for the household.