June 4, 2013

Gloucester, Va. – The Peninsulas Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc., awarded its 2013 Regional EMS Awards during a special dinner as part of the three-day EMS Educational Expo “Honey, I Shrunk the Symposium and Brought it Home!”held at Rappahannock Community College in Saluda, Va., May 18, 2013.

“Every day, the Virginia Peninsula, Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck are home to hundreds of patient encounters, dramatic scenarios and victories over terrible odds. It is fitting that we recognize and commend our emergency telecommunicators, pre-hospital care providers, pre-hospital instructors, emergency physicians, emergency nurses and EMS program administrators,” said Michael B. Player, executive director, Peninsulas EMS Council, Inc. “We also acknowledge our community partners who support the EMS system, EMS for Children, our health and safety programs, and the incredible emergency responses that exemplify and define excellence in EMS.”

Recipients of this year’s regional awards will have the opportunity to compete for the coveted 2013 Governor’s EMS Awards, which will be announced at the Virginia EMS Symposium’s Annual Awards Ceremony, November 10, in Norfolk, Va. Winners will be presented with a trophy and a certificate signed by the Governor.

“The Regional EMS Awards program provides each council the opportunity to showcase the phenomenal acts of service that are demonstrated by their local EMS providers. These recipients have shown their excellence by going above and beyond; and for that we say thank you and congratulations,” said Gary Brown, director of the Virginia Office of EMS.

The 2013 Peninsulas EMS Council Regional Award Recipients:

  • Excellence in EMS (The Michael B. Player Award) – Ronald L. Jett, Northumberland County Board of Supervisors, Northumberland County Rescue Squad
  • Outstanding EMS Administrator (The Russell L. Lowry, Jr. Award) – Acting Battalion Chief Richard Paul Long, York County Department of Fire and Life Safety
  • Outstanding Pre-Hospital Provider (The Joseph S. Howard Award) – Julianne Wanner, Abingdon Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Newport News Fire Department
  • Physician with Outstanding Contribution to EMS (The Gaylord W. Ray, M.D. Award) – David L. Justice, M.D., West Point Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad
  • Outstanding Pre-Hospital Educator – Melissa M. Doak, York County Department of Fire and Life Safety
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS for Children – Newport News Fire Department and Riverside Regional Medical Center Emergency Department
  • Outstanding EMS Telecommunications Dispatcher – Cynthia F. Callis, Gloucester County Sherriff’s Office
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health and Safety – James City County Fire Department
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior – Christopher Aaron Rock, Richmond County Department of Emergency Services, Rappahannock High School

Special Recognition:

  • Call of the Year – West Point Fire Department and LifeEvac 3
  • Amy Ashe – Fire/EMS Lieutenant, James City County Fire Dept., 2012 Protocol Task Force
  • Chief J. David Barrick – Newport News Fire Dept., 2012 Protocol Task Force
  • Melissa M. Doak – Paramedic, York County Fire and Life Safety; Vice Chair, Protocols, Policies and Procedures Committee, 2012 Protocol Task Force
  • Donna M. GalganskiPabst – 2012 Protocol Task Force
  • David L. Justis, M.D. – Operational Medical Director, West Point Volunteer Rescue Squad; Protocol, Policy and Procedures Committee Chairman, 2012 Protocol Task Force
  • John Mark Kain – EMS Captain, Newport News Fire Department, 2012 Protocol Task Force
  • Jennifer M. Smith – Education and Communications Coordinator, Peninsulas EMS Council, Inc., 2012 Protocol Task Force
  • Lou Ann G. Miller – R.N., Riverside Regional Medical Center, Performance Improvement Program
  • Jeannie H. Dunston – Office Manager, Peninsulas EMS Council, Inc., 10 Years of Service