Electronic Death Registration System

The Virginia Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) enables participants in the death registration process to file death records online with the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Vital Records (DVR), creating the option of a paperless system. The EDRS is a part of the Virginia Vital Events and Screening Tracking System (VVESTS). The VVESTS is suite of applications which houses modules to register and recall vital events occurring in the state of Virginia.

This facilitates collaboration among multiple death registration users, including funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, medical examiners and DVR. With the advent of the EDRS, funeral directors, physicians and medical certifiers will be able to complete their part of the death registration process faster, with fewer errors and more efficiently.

The EDRS shall provide for the electronic registration of

  • Attended Deaths – Primary Care Provider (Green Border Death Certificate)
  • Unattended Deaths – Medical Examiner (Red Border Death Certificates)
  • Spontaneous Fetal Deaths – Primary Care Provider (Yellow Border Death Certificate)
  • Induced Terminations of Pregnancies – Primary Care Provider (Brown Border Death Certificate)
  • Donation of Bodies for Science – Virginia State Anatomical Program (VSAP)