ED Visits for Drug Overdose

Quarterly Emergency Department Visits for Unintentional Drug Overdose among Virginia Residents

2019: Quarter 1  Quarter 2


Monthly and Annual Statistics, 2015 – 2019

2015-2019 Statistics (.xlsx file) [Published 08/12/19]


Drug Overdose Case Definitions

This page provides a summary of changes made to the drug overdose case definitions by VDH since September 2016.


Archived Monthly Reports, 2016-2018


VDH Opioid Addiction Indicators Dashboard

An interactive dashboard summarizing health outcomes in Virginia related to opioid addiction and overdose, including visits among Virginia residents to emergency departments (EDs) in Virginia for acute unintentional overdose as identified using the chief complaint or discharge diagnosis. Visits for opioid overdose include visits where the substance was unknown or unspecified at the time of the patient’s arrival to the ED. Additional information can be found here: http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/surveillance-and-investigation/syndromic-surveillance/