Virginia Department of Health Incorporates Vaccination Data from Jurisdictions in Maryland

(RICHMOND, Va.) — Today, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has incorporated vaccination data from jurisdictions in Maryland. Virginians who received vaccinations in Maryland that were not reported through the Virginia Immunization Information System are now included in the locality and statewide dashboards.

The updated data reflects an increase in COVID-19 vaccine first dose rates of 0.33% Alexandria, 0.46% Arlington, and 0.39% Eastern Shore. The fully vaccinated rate increased 0.28% Alexandria, 0.25% Arlington, and 0.91% Eastern Shore. Providing this additional information into the VDH COVID-19 dashboard will present a more accurate picture of the vaccination campaign in the state.

In the coming weeks, VDH is working to incorporate vaccination data from other neighboring jurisdictions such as North Carolina and the District of Columbia. Data from Tennessee was added in August. Due to these data quality efforts, changes to doses and rates may be affected. The updates may also impact the locality listings on VDH COVID-19 dashboards.