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The dashboards below provide an overview of the current COVID-19 activity in Virginia.

Dashboards are updated by noon on Tuesdays.

COVID-19 Incidence Indicators (past 6 months)

Emergency Department Visits

The weekly percent of emergency department visits for diagnosed COVID-19 can be used as a timely measure of disease burden.

COVID-19 Severity Indicator (past 6 months)

COVID-19: Associated Hospital Admissions

COVID-19 hospital admissions indicate the severity of disease in the community and the impact on the health care system.

COVID-19: Associated Deaths

Trends in reported deaths help us to understand the severity of COVID-19 and its impact on the community. Death data is subject to delays. Learn more from the How does VDH Count COVID-19 Associated Deaths? blog post.

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COVID-19 in Virginia (past 6 months)

Case Data Demographics

Demographic data is an important indicator used to understand what populations are being impacted by COVID-19 and can help determine additional support that might be needed.

Hospital Beds In Use

This measure looks at the average number of inpatient beds in use for COVID-19 for a given week. This can help determine how COVID-19 is impacting total hospital capacity.



  • The 2023-2024 Flu season is represented by doses administered from July 1st, 2023 through June 30, 2024.
  • The 2023-2024 COVID -19 season is represented by doses administered from September 12th, 2023 through June 30th, 2024.
    • Note: The different start date for the COVID-19 season is based on FDA authorization of this product.

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