Note: The Virginia Department of Health updates these data by noon on Tuesdays. All data are preliminary and subject to change based on additional reporting. Case, hospitalization, and death data reflect Virginia residents only. Death data are presented by both date of report and by date of death and are updated as amendments to the death records are received. More information about when each COVID-19 data dashboard is updated is available on the Data Dashboard Update page.

VDH strives to provide accurate and timely data to the public while performing ongoing and comprehensive data quality assurance of COVID-19 cases. Negative numbers in case counts for a locality when viewing Cases by Report Date may be observed as quality assurance steps are completed. More information on these quality assurance steps is available here.

COVID-19 Trends

COVID-19 Vaccine

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For more information on people hospitalized with COVID-19, visit CDC’s COVID-NET .

COVID-19-Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network (COVID-NET) is a population-based surveillance system. It collects data on COVID-19-associated hospitalizations among children and adults. A network of over 250 acute-care hospitals in 14 states take part in the COVID-NET program. Virginia does not take part in the program. But, these data are still useful to summarize the people hospitalized in the COVID-NET population. It can give an idea of what COVID-19 hospitalizations look like in the United States, including Virginia.

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