OEMS Conducts Training Updates in Augusta County

On Wednesday, March 13, staff from the Office of EMS (OEMS) Divisions of Accreditation, Certification and Education (ACE), and Regulation and Compliance conducted the spring Education Coordinator Institute at the Augusta County Fire-EMS Training Center. The three-day Institute added 10 new EMS educators to Virginia’s EMS system. Staff members participating in the Institute included Debbie Akers, ACE program manager, Chad Blosser, education program manager, and Doug Layton, EMS program representative. On the following Saturday, March 16, staff from ACE conducted an Education Coordinator Update at the Augusta County Fire-EMS Training Center in Verona, Virginia. This four-hour update provided Virginia EMS educators with current updates to policies and procedures as well as information on future plans for EMS training. Also participating in this update were ACE Program Manager Debbie and Education Program Manager Chad.

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