New Provider Health and Safety Webpage

Our new Provider Health and Safety webpage is now live! Provider health and safety is a top priority for the Office of EMS. In light of this, we have completely redesigned our health and safety webpages to better centralize and make it easier to find relevant health, safety and mental health resources for providers.

New additions include:

  • Expansive resources and information, how to get help locally as well as immediate, free and confidential help 24/7
  • Research and statistics related to provider health, safety and mental health
  • Information on how to report line of duty injuries, exposures, deaths, and faulty vehicles and equipment
  • And more!

Check back often as we will be updating these pages as new resources become available. Our hope is that this redesign will further help Virginia’s providers stay informed, safe, healthy and resilient. Thank you for everything you do to keep our communities healthy and safe!

Click here to check out the new Provider Health and Safety webpage.


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