Thriving Under Stress

THRIVING UNDER STRESS. While the holiday season is filled with moments of joy and cheer, it also comes with plenty of opportunities for excess stress. For many first responders, the extra stress from work and life can negatively impact their mental health and lead to burnout. The good news is that there are key actions that you can take to not only survive but to thrive with stress. December’s Health and Safety Infographic is all about how to mitigate the excess stress you may incur as a first responder so you can feel and operate at your best.

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This job is tough. Some days are amazing, and some days are not. It is okay to reach out for help. It is okay to take care of yourself. If you or someone you know is struggling, THERE IS FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL HELP AVAILABLE 24/7 specifically for emergency responders:

Fire/EMS Helpline: 1-888-731-FIRE (3473). The Fire/EMS Helpline was created for first responders by members of the fire service. This program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of firefighters, EMTs, rescue personnel, and their families.

Emergency Responder Crisis Text Line: Text “BADGE” to 741741. The Emergency Responder Crisis Text Line is a global not-for-profit organization providing free confidential crisis intervention via SMS message.