Logo for 2022 Virginia Public Health Preparedness Summit & Virginia Epidemiology Seminar


The Public Health Preparedness Summit and Virginia Epidemiology Seminar provide a venue where participants are exposed to current information, research findings, practical tools, and lessons learned from the COVID-19 response to strengthen public health preparedness in Virginia.

In this year's Summit, we will delve into addressing emergent public health emergency response needs that have arisen because of the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on effective strategies to improve response capabilities and enhance emergency operations plans. The Summit will bring together experts from public health preparedness and emergency management fields to share insights and discuss innovative approaches in addressing public health emergency preparedness challenges and supporting resilient communities to work more collaboratively and efficiently in the face of emerging threats.

The Virginia Epidemiology Seminar hosts a variety of speakers covering recent outbreak investigations and other topics of interest to communicable disease practitioners in health departments, hospitals, and health care communities.



Post-COVID Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Landscape

  • Identify key challenges and vulnerabilities in the existing public health emergency preparedness and response systems across the Commonwealth.
  • Assess the evolving public health emergency preparedness and response needs and identifying areas requiring immediate attention in a post-pandemic world.


Rebuilding Resilient Systems

  • Identify strategies to strengthen public health emergency preparedness and response capabilities to effectively respond to and recover from disasters, both natural and man-made.
  • Promote collaboration among various stakeholders, including public health entities, healthcare providers, government bodies, and community organizations, to rebuild resilient communities.


Enhancing Continuity Planning

  • Address the importance of continuity planning and developing robust COOP plans to ensure seamless public health services during and after disruptions.


Strengthening Collaboration

  • Foster dialogue and collaboration among emergency response partners to share experiences, promising practices, and lessons learned in public health emergency preparedness and response, with a focus on coordination and cooperation.
  • Develop skills in interdisciplinary teamwork, negotiation, and consensus-building to bridge the gap between different disciplines and foster effective collaboration.