May 27, 2021

Media Contact: Larry Hill, public information officer, Eastern Region, Virginia Department of Health, 757-449-4287


[Norfolk, Va.] – Multiple federal, state and local agencies continue to respond and investigate the Steamboat Creek oil spill. The investigation found the source of the spill was due to an overfilled tanker truck on property located at 805 Ford Drive. The property owner is facing multiple charges.

Clean up continues. As of yesterday afternoon, the Coast Guard’s contractor cleaned up more than 200 gallons of oil on the water and 130 bags of oiled debris. There have been no reports of impacts to wildlife.

It is extremely important to stay away from the area while cleanup is underway. No one should enter Steamboat Creek to fish or swim. There are “no crabbing/no fishing” signs on the bridges already so residents should continue to follow these directions.

The cleanup is expected to take several more weeks. Please avoid the area during this time. Depending on the temperature and wind, you may smell oil. The Virginia Department of Health wants you to know that typical health effects from oil sheens on the water are limited to skin irritation and possibly respiratory irritation from breathing vapors. However, emergency response efforts indicate no air quality concerns.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as the cleanup continues.

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