Division of Community Health Promotion

Building Healthy Communities On the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck

Our goal in the Division of Community Health Promotion is to assure that the 10 counties in our service area are the healthiest in Virginia by promoting a culture of health through preventative actions. We do this by promoting healthy behaviors and providing health promotional activities. The following are some of the programs provided by Three Rivers


Supported by The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth

Irene Reed, Health Educator
Too Good for Drugs Program
804-580-3731 ext. 16

Too Good for Drugs is a drug prevention program designed to mitigate risk factors and build protection against future tobacco and drug use. Research has shown that building social and emotional skills and school connectedness helps protect children from engaging in risky and unhealthy behaviors such as tobacco use and substance abuse. The Too Good for Drugs Program has undergone rigorous, independent evaluation studies to measure its effects on students’ skills, attitudes, and behaviors. Assessment materials are included to measure effectiveness, fidelity of implementation, and student knowledge.

Three Rivers provides ongoing programs in grammar schools designed to mitigate risk factors and build protection against problem behaviors. Too Good for Drugs cultivates positive outcomes by teaching students goal setting, decision making and conflict resolution skills, effective communication and social and emotional competency.

The program also builds additional skills for peer pressure refusal, pro-social bonding, conflict resolution, and media literacy.

Three Rivers Health District provides this program in elementary schools in several counties in our 10 county service area. If you are interested in having this program in your school please contact Holly Balderson for more information.


Quit Now is a program available through the Virginia Department of Health

When you join our FREE program we’ll help you create an easy-to-follow Quitting Plan that will show you how to get ready, take action and then live the rest of your life as a non-smoker.

Here is what is included in the program:

Quitting Aids — We’ll help you decide what type, dose and duration of nicotine substitute or other medication is right for you and teach you how to use it so it really works. You can receive FREE nicotine replacement therapy products (patches or gum) if it’s part of your personalized Quitting Plan.

Quit Guide — We’ll send you an easy-to-use workbook that you can reference in any situation to help you stick with your Quitting Plan.

Quit Coach® — You will have expert support and assistance whenever you need it, over the phone, from Coaches who specialize in helping people quit tobacco.

Web Coach® — You’ll get access to a private, online community where you can complete activities, watch videos, track your progress, and join in discussions with others in the program. There are over 25,000 active members.

Text2QuitSM — This text message feature allows you to connect with your Quit Coach®, interact with Web Coach®, use medications correctly, manage urges, and avoid relapse – all from your supported mobile phone.

If you think you may be ready to quit, please contact Quit Now:


Three Rivers provides education on a variety of health topics in all counties in the district.  We can provide presentations on chronic diseases like asthma and cancer and on communicable diseases such as flu and Zika.

Three Rivers provides educational programs on specific topics such as healthy eating, exercise, family planning. You can request a speaker for your community group, church, school or club. We can even adapt an ongoing program to meet your needs such as our education programs in high schools on sexually transmitted infections and contraception. We are happy to participate other health promotional activities such as festivals and health fairs.

If you are interested in having someone from Three Rivers Health provide an educational program to your group or if you have a health fair and you would like us to participate, simply complete the Three Rivers Health Community Event Request Form.