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!! WPHD Advisory: Two Rabid Skunks Found in Franklin County

A skunk in a grassy area

To protect the health of residents and visitors, the West Piedmont Health District is advising the community that two skunks have tested positive for rabies. They were found in in the same general area of Glade Hill within the past two weeks. Read the press release to learn more.

Visit VDH Rabies Control webpage to learn more about rabies and how to protect yourselves and your pets.


What do current data say about quality of life in Martinsville/Henry County?

HM Community Equity Assessment 2023 cover art depicting outdoor recreation

The West Piedmont Health District (WPHD), The Harvest Foundation and a group of citizens called the Equity Collaborative have been working for months to better understand the needs of citizens from every census tract, ethnic, racial and income group.

Two separate but complementary studies uncover the health outcomes local residents experience. Information on infant mortality, chronic health conditions, education, economic wellbeing, housing, food access, transportation and other issues are included in the data sets.

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Protecting your health during periods of poor air quality requires an understanding of what air quality is, how it is evaluated, and the most important indoor and outdoor safety measures to take when air quality is unhealthy. Use this guide for information and resources to protect your health and the health of your household. Links to https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/content/uploads/sites/111/2023/08/PHCC_Understanding-Air-Quality_ENG.pdf