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Food Guidance Documents

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Food and General Environmental Health Fees

Establishment Fees (PIM #11-01)


Guide to Employee Health in Restaurants



Condemnation and Impoundment of Food (PIM #06-01)
Foodservice Enforcement Procedures (PIM #96-02)
Handling Milk and Dairy Product Complaints (PIM #97-03)
Revalidation of Restaurant Permits (PIM #95-06)


Exempt Organizations Participating at Fairs and Festivals
Interpretation - Members of Exempt Organizations (PIM #03-01)

Inspection Processes:

Demonstration of Knowledge (PIM #02-03)
Drive Through Coffee Kiosks (PIM #01-01)
VDH Disease Control Manual
Foodservice Protection - Continental Breakfasts (PIM #05-01)
Nature and Frequency of Services
(PIM #95-03)
Outdoor Cooking Guidelines
(PIM #04-02)
Sample Risk Control Plan Temporary Food Establishment Policy (PIM #07-03)
VDH Risk Control Plan
Virginia Food Regulations Mobile Food Establishment Matrix (PIM #02-02)

Local Ordinances related to Food Safety

Local Ordinances Related to Certified Food Managers

Local Ordinances Related to Food Handler Permit & Training

Local Ordinances Related to Grocery Store Inspections

Local Ordinances Related to Exempt Fair Food Booths & Youth Athletic Activities

Local Food Regulations


Re-use of Plastic Pickle Buckets (PIM #06-02)


Approved Water Supplies (PIM #98-02)
Butter Blend - A Potentially Hazardous Food
Can a food establishment purchase shellfish shucked or unshucked from a retail seafood market?
Cut Tomatoes as PHF (PIM #06-03)
Guidance for Processing Sushi in Retail Operations
Guide to Can Defects
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Guidelines (PIM #97-01)
Is cheese from which mold has been removed considered sound and safe for human consumption?
Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) for Cook-Chill and Sous-Vide Processing Without a Variance (PIM #07-02)
Venison Donated to Charitable Food Establishments

Last Updated: 09-18-2015

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