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Food Regulations: Effective Date: January 1, 2010 These regulations govern the construction and operation of food establishments. Learn what is necessary to open a restaurant and what the health department looks for during an inspection (and no, you won't find a requirement for customers to wear shirts and shoes).

Forms: Application for a Permit, Application to process or distribute Grade A milk

Hotel Regulations: 12 VAC 5-431-10 et. seq Effective Date: March 2002

Forms: Application for a Permit

Regulations for Summer Camps: 12 VAC 5-440-10 et sec. Effective Date: Unknown

Forms: Application for a Permit

Rules and Regulations Governing Campgrounds: 12 VAC 5-450-10 et sec. Effective Date: July 21, 1971

Forms: Application for a Permit

Regulations Governing Tourist Establishment Swimming Pools and other Public Pools: 12 VAC 5-460-10 et sec. Effective Date: March 1, 1962

Forms: Application for a Permit

Swimming Pool Regulations Governing the Posting of Water Quality Results: 12 VAC 5-462-10 et sec. Effective Date: August 1, 1994

Forms: N/A

Rules and Regulations Governing the Construction and Maintenance of Migrant Labor Camps: 12 VAC 5-500-10 et sec. Effective Date: November 1, 1980

Forms: Application for a permit

To find a list of the most up-to-date Guidance Documents, please see the Virginia Regulatory Townhall website All Food and General Environmental Services guidance documents can be found in the "ENV" section. Guidance documents contain further explanation of a regulatory process or define a standard put in place by the Office of Environmental Health Services.

Last Updated: 07-13-2016

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