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When you're done browsing our pages, you might want to check out some of these links. Most of the sites have information on some aspect of food servicie sanitation or general environmental health. A few of the links may lead you to other areas of government or environmental health.

Disclaimer: In order to try and avoid possible confusion, the sites listed are entirely independent of the Virginia Department of Health. Simply because a link is listed here, the Virginia Department of Health does not necessarily agree with, endorse, or support as true or accurate the information which may be presented.

Government Sites

Virginia Government: Find other Virginia state agencies with their own web pages.

The US Food and Drug Administration

Commercial Sites

Yahoo's list of Environmental Health Sites: An excellent starting point for anyone searching out information on a wide range of environmental health issues. This site has links to sites with information on environmental health issues ranging from allergies to radon to toxic substances.

National Sanitation Foundation International: NSF is a not for profit third party testing agency. They are responsible for creating, updating and and testing a host of standards for food and beverage sanitation.

The Division would like to keep this list of food and general environmental links as current as possible. We always keep our eyes open for new sites but we can't always be the first one to find it. If you've visited an interesting site related to this topic, let us know so we can check it out and perhaps link to it. Also, URLs change from time to time. If one of these sites doesn't work over a period of time (servers go down occasionally so try each site on more than one occasion if a link fails), let me know so I can update the new location.


Last Updated: 02-19-2015

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