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Evaluation Completed

These O&M manuals are provided by the manufacturers of treatment systems and provide manufacturer’s recommendations for one component of the alternative onsite sewage system. The engineer must provide a site specific O&M manual covering all components of the system to comply with 12 VAC 5-613-150 for each installation. The site specific O&M manual for each system will be on file at the local health department and will provide O&M guidance that complies with the Alternative Onsite Sewage System Regulations.

Brand Name




O&M Manual


Orenco Systems, Inc.

AX20 Pump Discharge Option 1.pdf

VA Test Data.pdf

AdvanTex OM advanced service and troubleshooting.pdf



AX20 Pump Discharge Option 2.pdf

AX25RT Approval Letter 1, 750 gpd

AX25RT Approval Letter 2, 750 gpd

AdvanTex OM start-up and routine maint.pdf


AX20 Single Pod Single Tank.pdf

VA Final Report.pdf


AX20 Single Pod Two Tank.pdf



AX20 Two Pod Two Tank.pdf


AX20RT Configurations


Ecological Tanks, Inc. 

AS500 EZ TOPwithdischargefilter1.pdf

aquasafe engineering cert




VA Agreement

      Old Dominion Engineering letter  


NPDES Sampling...Ohio



Approval Letter



Quanics, Inc.

VDH 1000 gpd BC system.pdf

Engineer's Product Certification Statement and Evaluation.pdf



VDH 1000 gpd NSF certified BC.pdf

Manufacturer Agreement.pdf


VDH 200 gpd BC system.pdf

Bio-COIR Final Report


VDH 400 gpd BC system.pdf

VDH Approval Letter


VDH 500 gpd NSF certified BC system.pdf



VDH 650 gpd BC system.pdf



VDH 750 gpd NSF certified BC system.pdf


Approval Letter_7-13-10.pdf

Clearstream Operation and Maintenance Manual.pdf




Clearstream PE Certification Letter - 2009-11-05.pdf





Trinity River Authority Letter_5-17-2010.pdf



peyton analysis.pdf





Clearstream Records TRA Livingston TX ALL BOD-TSS.xls





Stats w MJD Mod Clearstream Records TRA Livingston TX ALL BOD-TSS.xls



Premiere Tech

Attachment 1

Field Performance Assessment Ecoflo.pdf

Ecoflo O&M manual.pdf


Attachment 2

Copy of Appendix A Oct 112007.xls

Concrete Ecoflo.pdf



Attachment 3

Virginia monitoring Appendix B 2007.05.16.pdf

Fiberglass Ecoflo.pdf



Attachment 4


PTE dosing control unit.pdf


Ecoflo Reference Guide- includes ST-570P, STB-570P, and STB-570PR with PE tanks


PTE pumping unit.pdf


PTE time dosing unit.pdf

      Model ST-650P, STB-650P, & STB-650PR Approval Letter 7-31-2012



EZ Treat Corporation


MOUA Approval Memo Approval Letter

EZ Treat O&M Manual

Product Brochure:  MicroFAST®


NEIWPCC_data letter_1109.pdf

Data_06 04 09.pdf


FAST® Process Explanation  


MicroFAST 0.5-1.5

April 2012 VA Tank Sizes.pdf

BioMicrobics Fecal Coliform Report.pdf




Agency Response to Request.pdf




Request for Approval.pdf

Additional information with FAST® Owner’s Manual:  Do’s & Don’ts Poster


April_2012_0.625 Approval Letter.pdf






Puraflo O&M.pdf




Copy of Puraflocalc.xls

Puraflo Owners Manual.pdf


Puraflo Final Report.pdf

Anua Treatment System Tracking Sheet



Puraflo Design Spreadsheet



*Perpetual disinfection is only necessary when the vertical separation (from the trench bottom or pad bottom to the soil limiting feature) is less than what is required for secondary or better effluent.

Last Updated: 04-19-2016

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