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Regulations and Current Regulatory Activity

Virginia government maintains two important websites to keep the public informed about changes to the Code of Virginia and the Virginia Administrative Code.
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The Virginia Legislative Information System is the website of the General Assembly of Virginia.  Here you can look up the Constitution of Virginia and the Code of Virginia, as well as track bills and resolutions when the General Assembly is in session.
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The Virginia Regulatory Town Hall is “a comprehensive source of information about proposed changes to Virginia's regulations, including a meetings calendar and board minutes. This site also facilitates public participation through online comment forums and an email notification service.”
Note about the Town Hall website:  Be sure to click all the tabs – Action, Chapter Information – and links available to get all the information on regulatory activity.

Title of Regulation

Current Regulatory Status
(Townhall Website)

Regulation Text
(Legislative Information System)

Sanitary Regulations for Marinas and Boat Moorings

Under Periodic Review

12 VAC 5-570

Sewage Handling and Disposal Regulations

Under Periodic Review

12 VAC 5-610

Onsite Sewage Regulations


12 VAC 5-611

Regulations for the Onsite Sewage Indemnification Fund

Awaiting Final Approval

12 VAC 5-612

Regulations for Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems


12 VAC 5-613

Regulations Governing Application Fees for Construction Permits for Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems and Private Wells

Under Periodic Review

12 VAC 5-620

Private Well Regulations

Fast Track Amendment

12 VAC 5-630

Alternative Discharging Sewage Treatment Regulations for Individual Single Family Dwellings

Under Periodic Review

12 VAC 5-640

Schedule of Civil Penalties

Awaiting Final Approval

12 VAC 5-650

NOTE: To create a printed version of regulations from the Virginia Administrative Code website, create a report according to their instructions.  If you enter an email address, the report will be sent by email.  If you leave the email address blank and hit return, a report containing the sections you specify will appear on your screen.  Use File>Print from your browser to print the report.

Last Updated: 03-22-2012

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