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Treatment Devices and Systems


Note:  A site specific O&M manual is required to be filed with the local health department and the homeowner for each alternative onsite sewage system (AOSS) to comply with Virginia regulations and must cover all components of the system, from sewer line or pretreatment to dispersal or discharge of the treated effluent.  The O&M documents on this page are provided by the manufacturers as general guides to operation of specific components and may not reflect alterations in configuration or operation required to comply with Virginia requirements.  Designers are encouraged to review the individual manufacturer’s manual and add additional site specific information as needed to provide a site specific operation and maintenance manual that complies with 12 VAC 5-613-150

VDH does not endorse or recommend any particular treatment unit, product or manufacturer. Furthermore, a VDH Approval does not denote or imply any warrantee or guarantee as to the fitness of the product.

Last Updated: 07-30-2011

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