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Shellfish Division Staff

Division Of Shellfish Sanitation (DSS)

Central Office (CO): 804-864-7480

Director: B. Keith Skiles, MPH

Plant Program Manager & State Standardization Officer: E. Danielle Schools

Growing Area Manager: Eric T. Aschenbach, MS

GIS Analyst: Daniel W. Powell, GISP

Executive Secretary: Janell W. Thomas

Shellfish Field Offices

Accomac Field Office (ACFO): 757-787-5864 x221

Field Director: Daniel P. Miller

Shellfish Specialist Senior: Robert F. Sloan

Shellfish Specialist: B. Tyler Charnock

Shoreline Survey Specialist: VACANT

Laboratory Specialist: Jill B. Northam

Laboratory Specialist: Ryan C. Snead

Norfolk Field Office (NFO): 757-683-8461

Field Director: Jonathan D. Dickerson

Shellfish Specialist Senior: Farah P. Monis

Shellfish Specialist Senior: Ian M. Geeson, MIS

Shellfish Specialist Senior: Linda Z. Sakach, MS

Laboratory Evaluation Officer: Linda F. McFarland

Laboratory Specialist: Carmel K. Saucer

Marine Scientist Supervisor: Todd A. Egerton, PhD

Marine Scientist: Evan M. Yeargan

Office Support: Howard J. Isiminger


White Stone Field Office (WSFO): 804-435-1095

Field Director: David B. Geeson, MS

Shellfish Specialist Senior: Richard M. Thomas, MS

Shellfish Specialist Senior: William A. McCarty, III

Shellfish Specialist Senior & State Standardization Officer: Julia P. Carrier

Shoreline Survey Specialist: William I. Barrack, III

Laboratory Specialist: Meredith E. Gough

Laboratory Specialist: Teresa H. Bauer

Marine Scientist: Adam C. Wood

Secretary: Vickie P. Hinson


Last Updated: 06-27-2016

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