Health & Clinical Services


Steps to Connect with Resources for Health

  1. Communicable Disease Investigations, Education, Case Management for Tuberculosis that is active or latent/Intestinal infections/Tick-borne diseases
    Ann Lawson, BSN, RN  757-302-4258
  2. HIV Services Case Management, 18 and over, Medication Access PrEP,
    Donisha Fleming, BSN, RN  757-414-6245
  3. Immunization, Vaccines for Children 18 and under, Vaccines for under/uninsured Adults
    Tamaria Johnson, RN  757-302-4259
  4. Nurse Family Partnership, Prenatal and Early Childhood Home Visiting
    Kathy Lewis, BSN, RN  757-302-4264
  5. Reproductive Health, Well Woman Exams, Birth Control, Maternity Services, Sexually Transmitted Infections and/or Diseases, Mammogram Vouchers
    Cheryl Revell, RN  757-302-4256
  6. WIC and Breastfeeding Peer Support, Supplemental Food Program for pregnant women and children from birth to age 5 years
    Lorraine Strand, WIC Coordinator, 757-302-4243
  7. For additional information, please contact Vanda McCray, Nurse Manager, 757-302-4254