Virginia Office of EMS Implements New Education Divisions

As the Virginia Office of EMS continues to grow and advance to meet the ever-changing needs of Virginia’s EMS System, we are implementing new improvements that address the requirements of EMS education in Virginia on a national level. We are excited to announce that we have created two new divisions that will mirror the vision of the national EMS educational standards. The Division of Educational Development will be converted into two divisions, which will allow for a more cohesive and streamlined approach to the mission of our office.

The first new division will be known as the Division of Accreditation, Certification and Education (ACE). This new division will focus on the performance of the EMS education system as well as further improvement and concentration on the caliber of education delivered. The next new division will be known as the Division of Consolidated Testing and Video Broadcasts. This division will be responsible for consolidated testing and the production and video broadcast of continuing education through Emergency Medical Services Approved Training (EMSAT).

There will also be a restructure of staff roles so that it will be more reflective of the duties and functions of our office. As EMS has changed on the national level, so too has the Virginia Office of EMS. That’s why it’s imperative to the mission of our office that our employees’ job roles accurately reflect their job duties. Each new division will have a division manager and program staff.

We are optimistic that these new changes will help push our EMS system toward the future by allowing us to be more streamlined and effective in the implementation of our system goals while focusing on a more customer-friendly and service oriented approach. As we continue to roll out these new divisions, we will keep you informed with progress updates. Please check our website regularly for more information:

2 thoughts on “Virginia Office of EMS Implements New Education Divisions

  1. Is there anything in the works for a review course (preferably online videos) for those who wish to review to take their NREMT certification by examination, instead of by coursework?

    Most “refresher” courses are in person. I am looking for a reliable online review material.

    I recertified by exam the last time and am about to attempt to do so again. However, those of us who do this have a difficult time finding *accurate* review material. The web is replete with NREMT exam prep materials, but repeatedly, I find outdated material in these, regardless of ratings.

    An online review for recertification by EXAM, one that we can actually trust, would be tremendously helpful.

    Thank you,
    Mary B

    1. Hello Mary,
      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, nothing is currently available at this time, however it is an excellent idea and will be shared with the ACE division.

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