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Office of Family Health Services

Office of Family Health Services

Here you'll find information on programs that focus on strengthening the health of families and communities, plus risk avoidance tips and information on how certain issues affect public health.

THE MISSION of the Office of Family Health Services is to provide the leadership, expertise and resources that enable all Virginia residents to reach and maintain their optimum level of health and well-being throughout their life.



  • Establish the Office as a reliable resource for objective, evidence-based, relevant public health information including program outcome evaluation and health status indicators.
  • Enable our partners to deliver the highest quality of care, including clinical, preventive and community-based services.
  • Enhance the availability, affordability and acceptability of health care services.
  • Improve health outcomes by addressing significant causes of morbidity and mortality in Virginia.

What's New

The following materials, mandated by the Code of Virginia 18.2-76, are intended to assist citizens to make informed decisions:

For further information about abortion facilities please use the following nk:

Bright FuturesChildren's Health Information is your source for up-to-date children’s health information. View videos and text about children’s health topics or explore what happens during a child’s health care visit to a medical professional.

Last Updated: 07-14-2015

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