Application Process

Before you apply:

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Things to consider before applying:

  • Must maintain the Minimum Stocking Requirement (MSR) at all times.
  • Must read, sign, and follow the Retailer Agreement
  • Will be required to complete training before and during the contract period
  • Will be required to display WIC shelf labels as required
  • Higher than average priced items may not be fully reimbursed
  • Unannounced reviews are made throughout the contract period

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There are specific steps that must be completed in sequence after you submit your application and before your store becomes authorized.

1. Apply Online
2. Receive Acknowledgement Letter
3. Meet Store Requirements:
-Submit Point of Sale (POS) for approval
-Pass unannounced minimum stocking visit
-Attend training and submit attendance form
-Read, sign, and return retailer agreement
4. Receive Authorization Letter
5. Prepare Store:
-Make POS system operational
-Train all cashiers
-Put up WIC shelf labels
-Put up door decal
6. Start Accepting WIC