Family Services

BabyCare | Lead Case Management Program


The BabyCare program improves pregnancy and birth outcomes by providing home visits from registered nurses to high-risk pregnant women and infants up to 24 months of age. The program provides free intensive case management, coordination of care, and education about prenatal care, birthing, infant care, parenting and community resources.

Lead Case Management

The Lead Case Management program prevents and treats elevated lead levels in children age 6 years old and under. When a child is diagnosed with elevated lead levels, a physician sends a report to the health department. A team of a Public Health Nurse and an Environmental Health Specialist responds to provide case management and a home assessment for the child. The goal is to identify and control the source of lead in the child’s environment, whether it be chipping paint, lead water pipes, contaminated soil, or another source, and assist the family in lowering the lead levels. The team is able to do the same assessment in other residences where the child spends a significant amount of time. The assessment includes instruction on care processes for the interior and exterior of the home. Ongoing case management is provided to educate the parents on the child’s nutritional needs and to monitor the lead levels with the child’s physician until it can be maintained at a non-toxic level.