Request for Sickle Cell Screening Results

Requests for sickle cell screening results, in response to NCAA requirements for college athletes, must be submitted using the DCLS release form provided below.

Please note that these releases will require the signature of the student (or their parent, if student is a minor) AND the signature and stamp of a notary, to insure the authentication of the request.

Release forms can be sent to DCLS by mail at the address provided on the form or faxed to 804-225-2595.

Please allow 2 weeks for the newborn screening laboratory to research the requested results.

PLEASE NOTE: Using the documentation provided below, copies of newborn screening reports can be requested for babies born in the Commonwealth of Virginia on or after March 1, 2001. No Newborn Screening records are available for babies born prior to that date.

Sickle Cell Release Form Instructions

Sickle Cell Release Form