State Laws and Regulations


In Virginia, newborn blood-spot screening is mandated by the Code of Virginia, Title 32.1 – Health, Chapter 2 – Disease Prevention and Control, Statutes 32.1 – 32.1-69 Links to each statute are listed below.

Statute 32.1-65 Certain newborn screening required.

Statute 32.1-66 Commissioner to notify physicians; reports to the Commissioner.

Statute 32.1-67 Duty of Board for follow-up and referral protocols; regulations.

Statute 32.1-67.1 Confidentiality of records; prohibition of discrimination.

Statute 32.1-68 Commissioner to establish screening program; review by Board; program to include education and post-screening; laboratory tests.

Statute 32.1-69 Records confidential; disclosure of results of screening.


In Virginia, newborn blood spot screening is governed by the Virginia Administrative Code, Chapter 71, Regulations Governing Virginia Newborn Screening Services Links to each section are listed below.

Section 10 Definitions

Section 20 Administration of chapter

Section 30 Core panel of heritable disorders and genetic diseases

Section 40 Religious exemption from newborn dried-blood-spot screening requirements

Section 50 Responsibilities of the physician or midwife

Section 60 Responsibilities of the first attending healthcare provider

Section 70 Newborn dried-blood-spot screening specimen collection, specimen submission, and notification for hospital deliveries

Section 80 Newborn dried-blood-spot screening specimen collection, specimen submission, and notification for deliveries outside of the hospital

Section 90 Responsibilities of the chief executive officer

Section 100 Responsibilities of the testing laboratory providing newborn dried-blood-spot screening tests

Section 110 Reporting to the commissioner

Section 120 Scope and content of Virginia Newborn Screening Services

Section 130 Responsibilities of the Pediatric Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinic Network

Section 140 Responsibilities of metabolic treatment and genetic centers facilities

Section 150 Responsibilities of the Care Connection for Children network

Section 160 Availability of assistance for obtaining metabolic formula, low protein modified foods, and metabolic supplements

Section 170 Emergency suspension of assistance

Section 180 Use of federal, state, or other resources

Section 190 Confidentiality of information