VISITS – Tracking System

The Virginia Infant Screening and Infant Tracking System (VISITS II) is a Web-based integrated data tracking and management system. VISITS II is a component of the Virginia Vital Events and Screening Tracking System (VVESTS), which also includes the Virginia electronic birth certificate. VISITS II directly supports:

  • Virginia Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (VEHDI)
  • Virginia Congenital Anomalies Reporting and Education System (VaCARES)


Hearing Screening Data

These data are used by hospitals for reporting needed to implement the Virginia Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (VEHDI), which is mandated by the Code of Virginia. In addition, VISITS II is used by the health department to better assist families to prevent developmental delay in infants who have hearing loss.

Training and Support


VISITS Technical Assistance

  1. Hospital Technical Assistance
  2. Audiology Technical Assistance
  3. Early Intervention Technical Assistance

VISITS Enhancements 

VISITS Access Request Forms

  • Hospital Hearing User Access Form Word | PDF
  • Non-Hospital Birthing Center User Access Form Word | PDF
  • Hospital EBC User Access Form Word | PDF
  • Audiology and Rescreening User Access Form Word | PDF
  • Early Intervention User Access Form Word | PDF
  • Family to Family User Access Form Word | PDF
  • Access and Confidentiality of Records Agreement Word | PDF
  • Oracle Certificate Administrator Non-Disclosure Agreement (Hospital Users) Word | PDF
  • Division of Vital Records User Logon Request Word | PDF