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The mission of the OEHS is to protect public health by preventing the transmission of disease through food, milk, shellfish, water and sewage and to work in partnership with other agencies to protect the environment.

Limited Public Access to VDH Environmental Health Offices – COVID-19

Temporary Waivers to Select Environmental Health Regulations

Information for Food Establishments on Coronavirus (COVID -19)

VDH Food Establishment Guidance COVID-19

Face Covering Required (Printable signs)

Limitando la Transmisión de COVID-19 en Establecimientos de Comida

COVID-19 Food Establishment Poster     Image files

Guidance for handwashing/sanitizing and disinfectants

Information for Grade ‘A’ Milk Safety

Regulatory Changes for the Grade ‘A’ Milk Industry for COVID-19

COVID-19 Information for Lodging Establishments, Pools, and Campgrounds: 

Privately-owned (non-State Park) Campground Guidance 

COVID-19 and Virginia State Parks

Aquatic Facilities

Considerations for Lodging Establishments, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Information for Onsite System Workers on Coronavirus (COVID -19)

VDH Interim Guidance COVID-19

COVID-19 Onsite Systems Poster

Quaternary Ammonia Use in Onsite Systems – See Job Aid



Onsite Sewage System Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Report Submission

VDH provided web-based training for licensed Onsite Sewage System Operators on May 5, 2020, on a new portal to submit O&M reports.  We gathered feedback from that training and worked with our contractor to make the user experience as efficient as possible in the provided software platform.

A second training was provided on June 11th, which detailed the revisions that were made to the portal (called v2.0).  This new version has been deployed and can be accessed using the same web address (https://myhealthdepartment.com/virginia/).  Thank you to everyone who attended these training sessions and provided feedback!  A video recording of the v2.0 training held on 6/11/20 is posted below.

Instructions for creating an account and navigating the portal (Click HERE):
– This portal is only for licensed Master Onsite Sewage System Operators to submit new O&M reports and make payment.
– Once a licensed operator has created an account and emailed their current license information to ehdministrators@vdh.virginia.gov as outlined in the instructions, we will finalize the account so the user can start submitting reports directly to the Environmental Health Database (EHD).
– If you receive the message when submitting a report that “Your certification is either invalid or expired,” your license information we have on file may be expired.  If this happens. please send an email to the above address with your complete name and current DPOR license information so that we can research the issue.  If clicking on the email link does not automatically start a new email message, simply copy and paste the email address into a new message using your email service of choice.
– Onsite operators will only be able to see the O&M reports they have submitted under their account.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which reflects O&M portal discussions up through the June 11th training, can be found HERE.  Please check back to this page periodically for updates.


Major Storm Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness & Response Resources



EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE for Onsite Sewage Systems and Private Wells


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If calling about applications for wells or septic systems or restaurant inspections, contact the Environmental Health division within your local health department.

Environmental Health Services

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