Proposed Fee Changes

The Virginia Department of Health is considering a regulatory amendment that would eliminate the requirement for an Importer or Distributor to obtain a separate license for each Manufacturer they import or distribute from. Only one license would be required per Importer or Distributor.

The goal of this amendment would be to reduce the administrative burden (e.g. license applications, renewals, multiple expiration dates, multiple invoices) born by the Importer and Distributor industry.

In order to adopt such an amendment, changes to Importer and Distributor licensing fees would be required to maintain neutral revenue. Manufacturer, Renovator, Reupholsterer, Sanitizer, Supply Dealer, & Sterilizer fees would remain unchanged.

Such changes would continue a fair practice of larger accounts paying larger fees (to reflect the Bedding Program's greater cost in time and effort to maintain accounts of larger sizes).  The proposed fee scale is based on the number of Manufacturers a company imports or distributes from (# of associated URNs in the table below).

Importers and Distributors will list their associated Manufacturers/URNs on the license application. To add a Manufacturer to this list during the license year, the Importer or Distributor need only notify the Bedding Program on an approved form, and ensure the license fees paid during that license year are current with the fee schedule.  In many instances, this will not require additional fees, further reducing administrative burden.

To submit feedback on these proposed Importer and Distributor licensing and fee changes, please use the comment submission form. 

Proposed Importer/Distributor fee scale: