Campground Permitting

Environmental Health professionals at the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) work to protect the health and safety of campers at Virginia’s campgrounds.  Efforts focus on the provision of safe drinking water, sufficient sewage disposal, effective vector control, proper ground maintenance, and swimming pool safety. All Virginia campgrounds  must be permitted by VDH and are inspected annually by staff from local health departments.

If you are offering 3 or more campsites, you may be a campground, and require a campground permit. This applies even if the camping is for a short amount of time, like at a music festival or historical reenactment, or if you are only advertising your campsites on the internet. Campsites offered online or through camping or lodging apps may also require a permit!

Want to offer temporary camping for a short amount of time? Check out our Temporary Campgrounds page.

For specific questions, contact your local health department.