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  • Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference: The Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC) was formed in 1982 to foster and promote shellfish sanitation through the cooperation of state and federal control agencies, the shellfish industry, and the academic community.
  • ISSC: Risks of Eating Raw Oysters and Clams: Consumer information provided by the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC) regarding the consumption of raw oysters and clams.
  • Foodborne Disease Outbreak Reports: Per state law, all outbreaks, including those that are foodborne, are reportable in Virginia. The VDH Office of Epidemiology’s Division of Surveillance and Investigation monitors all outbreaks in the Commonwealth.  Annual reports are derived from their surveillance efforts.  It is important to know that these reports house not only foodborne outbreaks but all reportable illnesses. To navigate to the Foodborne Disease Outbreak specific information follow the steps below.
    Annual Reports → Find the appropriate year → Descriptive Epidemiology of Reportable Diseases and Selected MapsOutbreaks → Scroll to find “Foodborne Outbreaks” in each report.
  • FDA Guidance & Regulation: References food (including shellfish) safety programs, manufacturing processes, industry systems, and import/export activities with links to Federal Register documents.
  • Seafood Network Information Center: Sponsored by the Sea Grant Extension Program of Oregon State University. Good information that requires a bit of a search.
  • Virginia Sea Grant: Virginia Sea Grant is part of a nationwide network of 30 university-based Sea Grant programs funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • Department of Food Science, VA Tech: Dedicated to applying science and technology to the processing, preservation, packaging, distribution, and utilization of food and food products.
  • Virginia Institute of Marine Science: Hosted by the College of William and Mary, VIMS has a threefold mission of research, education, and advisory service.
  • Old Dominion University: ODU’s Department of Biological Sciences and Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences are both active in coastal and marine research in Virginia and beyond, including the long-running Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Program.