Shellfish Division Staff

Division Of Shellfish Safety (DSS)

Central Office (CO): 804-864-7480

Director & State Standardization Officer:  Danielle Schools

Plant Program Manager:  Sarah Good

GIS Analyst & Classification Assistant:  Daniel Powell, GISP

Waterborne Hazards Program Coordinator:  Margaret Smigo, MENVS

Data Manager/Stat Analyst:  Lyndia Branch, MS, QMHP-A

Administrative Staff Assistant:  Janell Thomas

Shellfish Field Offices

Accomac Field Office (AFO): 757-787-5864

Field Director:  Daniel Miller

Shellfish Specialist Senior:  Ryan Snead

Shellfish Specialist Senior:  Tyler Charnock

Shellfish Specialist:  Trisha Wagner

Laboratory Specialist Senior:   Patricia Shertenlieb

Laboratory Specialist Senior:  Joyce Zuchel

Kilmarnock Field Office (KFO): 804-577-4007

Field Director:  Jill Fleiger, MS, CPM

Growing Area Manager:  Adam Wood, MS

State Standardization Officer and Shellfish Specialist Senior:  Julie Carrier

Shellfish Specialist:  vacant

Shellfish Specialist:  Matt Farnham

Laboratory Specialist Senior:  Taylor Hennage

Laboratory Specialist Senior:  Kelsey Dawson

Marine Scientist:  Jackie Friedman, MS

Norfolk Field Office (NFO): 757-683-8461

Field Director:  Jonathan Dickerson

Shellfish Specialist Senior:  Farah Monis

Shellfish Specialist Senior:  Linda Sakach, MS

Shellfish Specialist Senior:  Cate Turner, MS

Laboratory Program Manager:  Linda McFarland

Laboratory Specialist Senior:  Carmel Saucer

Laboratory Specialist Senior:  Sarah Durham

Shoreline Survey Specialist:  Ian Geeson, MIS

Marine Scientist Supervisor:  Todd Egerton, PhD

Marine Scientist:  Evan Yeargan


Shellfish Closure Update Notification Request
If you are interested in receiving notifications of updated shellfish closures, please email the contact information shown below to

Phone Number
Creek or water body name
County or City of water body

Please note this information is not FOIA exempt and is subject to release if requested.

Additional questions should be sent to Daniel Powell, Classification Assistant at or Adam Wood, Growing Area Manager at