Water Guidance

Hurricanes and Flood Information for Wells and Drinking Water

For certified dealers who have a well that is used for drinking and/or processing water, hurricanes and other significant storm events may cause flooding and cause contamination problems to the water supply. The Environmental Protection Agency’s web site provides some information on what home owners can do after a hurricane and flooding to ensure that the water source is not contaminate and is safe.  They also provide information for water supply facilities and what  can be done to prepare for a hurricane and subsequent flooding. The Center for Disease Control also provides information on their web page on how to disinfect after a flood.

If your well has flooded and you suspect any possible contamination, you must not operate until either DSS or an EPA certified laboratory has been able to confirm that your well and processing water are free of contamination.

Suggested pre‐hurricane activities for water supplies.

Suggested post hurricane activities for water supplies.

Emergency disinfection of Drinking Water information.

What to do after the flood.

How to disinfect food surface areas after flooding.