Hotel room bed and nightstandThe Virginia Department of Health (VDH) permits and inspects hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts for compliance with the Sanitary Regulations for Hotels. These regulations include standards for general sanitary living conditions, pest control, linen care, bathroom cleanliness and supplies, trash removal, and the sanitation of any kitchenware or kitchen appliances provided for guests.

VDH inspectors also check to make sure pools are in compliance with Virginia’s Pool Regulations (12VAC5-460 and 12VAC5-462).

Information for Lodging Operators

Operators of hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts may be required to apply for and obtain other VDH permits, such as a pool construction permit or a Food Establishment Permit. Your local health department can help you determine if and when you may need these permits.

Do I need a VDH Lodging Permit to rent my private home?

Jam, toast with butter, and coffeeVDH has established PIM 18-01, which outlines that residential-style rentals that meet the 12VAC5-431 definition of a “bed and breakfast facility” require a VDH Lodging Permit. This PIM is available at: http://townhall.virginia.gov/L/ViewGDoc.cfm?gdid=6357

“Bed and breakfast facility” means a residential-type establishment that provides two or more rental accommodations and food service on any single day to a maximum of 18 transient guests for a period of five or more days in any calendar year or any residential type of facility providing at least one rental accommodation for transient guests and food service for a total of 30 or more days in any calendar year.

In the context of this definition, “food service” does not include providing whole, uncut produce, or commercially-packaged food that does not require refrigeration.