Onsite Sewage System Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Report Submission

On 12/15/2021, VDH-OEHS was required to move to a new credit card processor to meet fiscal and audit requirements. While this change should have been seamless for users paying for O&M reports, please notify us at ehdministrators@vdh.virginia.gov if you experience issues with the platform. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and associated debit cards are accepted forms of payment. While most prepaid cards are also accepted by the card processor, it is impossible to be certain, as the number of different types of prepaid cards is always increasing, and is created and monitored by the card brands themselves. In general, the VDH My Health Department (MyHD) portal will accept most prepaid cards that are tied to a specific user’s name and billing zip code.

Revised instructions for creating an account, navigating the portal, and paying for reports can be found HERE.

The archived video recording of the Version 2.x training held on 6/11/20 can be found at the following link: https://youtu.be/QJW5BT05pa8. While this video is slightly outdated, the instructions for setting up a MyHD portal account are the same.

> This portal is only for licensed Master Onsite Sewage System Operators to submit O&M reports for Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems or Single Family Alternative Discharging Systems, and make payment.
> All operators must create an account in the VDH MyHD portal (this includes Carmody and OnlineRME users).
> All operators (including Carmody and OnlineRME users) must contact VDH at ehdministrators@vdh.virginia.gov upon completion of account set-up so that we can finalize your account to submit reports (see instructions for what is requested).
> If you receive the message when submitting a report that “Your certification is either invalid or expired,” contact VDH at ehdministrators@vdh.virginia.gov with your current DPOR license information and expiration date.
> Operators will only be able to see the O&M reports they have submitted under their account.
> O&M report submissions are not considered complete and fully submitted until payment is received.
> VDH staff will not review or approve unpaid O&M reports.
> The following fields are required, and the system will not allow a report to be submitted without them: ‘Physical County‘, ‘Visit Date‘, ‘Laboratory/Formal Sample Results within Permitted Limits‘, and ‘I hereby certify‘.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which reflects O&M portal discussions to date, can be found HERE. Please check back to this page periodically for updates.