Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Training

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House Bill 258 (Hotels; human trafficking training), as adopted by Chapter 751, is an act that directs the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), under the direction of the Criminal Justice Services Board, to develop an online course to train hotel proprietors and their employees, as defined in § 35.1-15.1 of the Code of Virginia, to recognize and report instances of suspected human trafficking. The act provides that such online course shall be provided at no cost to the hotel proprietors and their employees. The act requires that every hotel proprietor require its employees to complete such human trafficking training course developed by the Department or an alternative online or in-person training course approved by the Department within six months of being employed by a hotel and thereafter at least once every two years, for as long as the employee is employed by the hotel. The act has an effective date of January 1, 2023; VDH will begin enforcing these requirements starting July 1, 2023.

Overnight lodging facilities permitted by VDH

VDH regulates overnight lodging facilities (hotels, motels, inn’s, bed-and-breakfasts) through Title 35.1. Hotels, Restaurants, Summer Camps, and Campgrounds. The new section, § 35.1-15.1, will require training of hotel employees, as defined in the chapter, and this training will be regulated by VDH through Chapter 431. Sanitary Regulations for Hotels.

What’s next?

DCJS will develop an online training course available free of charge to all hotel employees throughout the Commonwealth. DCJS will also provide an approval process for existing human trafficking training that may already be provided to employees through hotel chains or other organizations. As soon as the training is available, VDH will provide a link to the DCJS training resources webpage.

Additional Resources

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