Sentinel Influenza Reporting for Virginia

Welcome to Influenza Sentinel Surveillance for the 2022-23 flu season!

Each flu season, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) partners with select outpatient, urgent care, student health, and emergency department providers to collect specimens from individuals with an influenza-like illness (ILI) to test for influenza and further characterize the type and subtype of any positive influenza results. This surveillance effort allows VDH to determine which virus strains are circulating in Virginia, monitor for any novel strains within the community, and provide data for future vaccine formulation decisions.

The flu season typically begins around MMWR week 40 (early October) with activity decreasing by MMWR week 20 (mid to late May).The goal of the Sentinel Surveillance(SS) program is to receive approximately 175 specimens per week across the state during the 2022-23 flu season.


ILI Case Definition

FEVER of 100ºF or more with either


Important links for sentinel providers

Sentinel Surveillance – How to get started
Sentinel Flu Provider Instructions (Updated as of 7/22)

SAF-T-PAK Packing Instructions (Updated as of 7/22)

DCLS Test Request Form (Updated as of 7/22)

Instructions on Completing Request Form (Updated as of 7/22)

Current Virginia Activity Level Report

CDC FluView Activity Report

Please direct any questions on the influenza surveillance program to or contact your local health department at