Pharmacy – K-12 Public and Private School Orders

Undesignated Stock Epinephrine and Albuterol

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Virginia Department of Education (DOE) have implemented a policy so that every K-12 public school can procure undesignated stock of epinephrine auto-injectors, albuterol inhalers, and valved holding chambers (spacers). This policy is also available to private schools, though the requirements and acquisition process may differ. Private schools are encouraged to consult with their accrediting agency for guidance.

For more information about ordering naloxone, please visit this site.

Epinephrine/Albuterol Annual Training Requirements

To obtain Epinephrine and Albuterol, schools are to complete Epinephrine/Albuterol training, once annually. The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has provided guidelines for the required annual Epinephrine and Albuterol training for schools, as outlined below.

  • Schools may use the School Nursing Checklist to help prepare them in meeting their training and planning needs for the school year.
  • The School Health Guidance, Resources, & Required Training resource provides schools may use to implement and provide the necessary training for staff.
  • Although VDOE has established training and resources for schools to use, it is not mandatory that schools use the resources from VDOE. Schools may use their own locally developed training and resources to meet the training requirements.

Standing Orders

Ordering Resources

Epinephrine or Albuterol Order Process

Step 1: Apply

Use this form to APPLY if it is the first time your organization has requested Epinephrine or Albuterol, if your organization’s MOU with VDH has expired, or if your organization needs a current signed Standing Order for Albuterol. Once all signatures are obtained and the MOU and/or standing order is executed, the organization is responsible for ensuring the MOU and standing order is updated before the expiration date.

For questions regarding the application process, please contact

Step 2: Order

Use this form to ORDER after your organization has a fully executed MOU with the Virginia Department of Health and/or current signed Standing Order for Albuterol for provision of Epinephrine and/or Albuterol.

If you are unsure whether your organization has an executed MOU, if an MOU is still active, or if your organization has a current Standing Order for Albuterol, please contact

Step 3: Return

Please use this form to RETURN expired or unused epinephrine or Albuterol that was provided by the Virginia Department of Health