Naloxone Distribution to Community Partners

Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) share the common goal of increasing naloxone access for all Virginians. Due to limited resources, VDH is prioritizing high-priority individuals to receive no-cost naloxone. High-priority individuals include people who use drugs (PWUD), family members, friends or coworkers of PWUD and people who work directly with PWUD. VDH continues to support individuals who may not be at highest risk of experiencing or witnessing an opioid overdose by identifying alternative avenues for naloxone access.

Authorized comprehensive harm reduction sites, community services boards, local health departments, first responders (law enforcement agencies, fire service organizations, licensed emergency medical services (EMS) agencies), public school divisions and high-impact community partners (treatment and recovery centers, rehabilitation facilities, homeless service providers, and community-based organizations that serve high-risk populations) are eligible to obtain naloxone at no-cost from VDH. Eligibility criteria are subject to change.

The Division of Pharmacy Services is now shipping over-the-counter (OTC) 4mg naloxone nasal spray to partners as we have exhausted our supply of prescription naloxone product. Prescription naloxone must continue to be dispensed in accordance with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy Naloxone protocol, which includes utilizing the Statewide Standing Order for Naloxone.

Harm Reduction Test Strips 

Local Health Departments, Community Service Boards, Authorized Comprehensive Harm Reduction sites, Free Clinics and FQHCs are eligible for no-cost naloxone, fentanyl test strips, xylazine test strips, and benzodiazepine test strips to dispense to high-priority members of the local community.

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Naloxone and Test Strips Request Process for Eligible Community Partners

As of May 6, 2024, The Naloxone Distribution Team is transitioning all partner organizations to a new portal called the Pharmacy Partner Hub. The Pharmacy Partner Hub replaces the application and order processes via REDCap. The Naloxone Distribution Team will be registering and transitioning each partner type to this new portal in phases with a goal of all organizations utilizing the Pharmacy Partner Hub to order naloxone and/or supplies by July 1, 2024. Your organization will be contacted with instructions when it is time for you to register in the new portal.

If you are a new organization applying for the first time, or applying for a new agreement since yours has expired, please use the application link below in Step 1. 

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Step 1: Apply

Use this form to APPLY if it is the first time your organization has requested naloxone OR if your organization’s agreement with VDH has expired. Once all signatures are obtained and the agreement is executed, the organization is responsible for ensuring the agreement is updated before expiration date.

To renew an existing agreement, please contact

Step 2: Order

If you applied through the new Pharmacy Partner Hub on or after May 6, 2024 or are an existing partner that has registered in the Pharmacy Partner Hub, please log in to your Pharmacy Partner Hub account to order naloxone and test strips:
Pharmacy Partner Hub Login

If you are an existing partner and have not yet created a Pharmacy Partner Hub account, your organization has not yet been selected to transition to the new hub. We are completing this transition in phases until July 1, 2024. Please continue to use the REDCap Order Form to order naloxone and test strips for your organization:
REDCap Order Form

If you are unsure whether your organization has an executed agreement or if an agreement is still active, please contact

Step 3: Return

Please use this form to RETURN expired, unused, or damaged naloxone to the Virginia Department of Health. Sites are required to return expired, unused, or damaged naloxone kits and may not distribute them to other organizations.